Muggle Quidditch is a real thing!

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter posing for a quidditch shot. [Photo Credit: Ralf Heiser]

Being a college student who is a passionate fan of Harry Potter and enjoys watching/playing sports, finding out a few years ago that there’s a real quidditch sport that is obviously based from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter wizarding world was one of the greatest things that has ever been told to a young, nerd adult.

For those who have no knowledge of what quidditch is (how dare you), quidditch is the soccer of the wizarding world. The greatest sport in their world where there’s seven players on both teams; three chasers, two beaters, a keeper, and a seeker aka the great Harry Potter. Each position holds a special job, for example, Harry Potter’s job as a seeker is to catch the snitch that is flying around which automatically wins the game for them. But enough with the wizarding quidditch (click here for more info on the wizarding sport), let’s get to the muggle quidditch, please.

An action shot of a quidditch match. [Photo Credit: Quidditch Canada]

Muggle quidditch became possible in 2005 in Middlebury, Vermont (something about New England being so amazing). What I find so amazing about muggle quidditch and just the Harry Potter fandom is that they make everything so identical to the series so of course in muggle quidditch, you have to be “flying” on a broomstick. And the funniest thing is the snitch. The snitch is not an object in muggle quidditch. No, it’s an impartial person running around with a tennis ball inside a long sock attached to them and the seekers must try to catch it to win the game. How f**king amazing is that? Muggle’s aren’t cool enough to have flying snitches but we come up with shit like that. I love it.

Because we’re not magical wizards and can’t fly on broomsticks, if a chaser gets hit by a bludger, they drop there broom, run and touch their hoops before they can start on their broom again. It’s not the same effect as getting hit by a real bludger (because in muggle quidditch, the bludger is a kickball) and falling off your broom, but god bless us muggles for thinking of things like this. I wish I was a wizard but proud to be a muggle. I see why Arthur Weasley is so obsessed with us. #mugglepride

Just like the wizarding quidditch, there is a muggle Quidditch World Cup. Yup, there is. It all started in 2007 and was held in the same place where it was created, Middlebury. But of course, Harry Potter is the best and muggle quidditch took off and since 2007, there have been World Cups all over the world.

The cool thing about this sport is that you basically get to live out your fantasy of playing your favorite childhood movie/book sport game. It’s like you can be a nerd but also an athlete…. Best of both worlds! Some colleges have this as an intramural sport so if you ever get the chance to play, I’d do it!

Here’s a quick video of a Quidditch World Cup from 2015. Pretty intense/awesome/magical.


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