Harry Potter Pub Crawl coming to Boston!!

People dressed up as their favorite Harry Potter Characters at a Harry Potter Pub Crawl. [Photo Credit: Wizards Assemble‎ and Harry Potter Pub Crawl – Boston Facebook pages]

I recently turned twenty-fun and it has definitely been an awesome experience. Finally being able to go out to bars with my friends and family is all I really wanted to do for years now and I can finally do it. I was recently tagged in a post on Facebook of this Harry Potter Pub Crawl in Boston on September 23 and I almost cried of joy… Not really but I was pretty excited!

It was pretty good timing because I live sort of close to Boston and I had just turned twenty-one. Basically, there’s going to be a pub crawl in Boston, Harry Potter themed of course, and you get to dress up as your fave Harry Potter characters and drink special themed drinks. I know, pretty awesome.

I’m a Harry Potter nerd and I have four wands, Slytherin’s locket, the Time-Turner necklace, and of course the Sorting Hat as collectibles so I already have costumes to dress up in. I don’t know if that’s something to brag about or to be embarrassed about but I’m pretty proud of myself!

There’s also a Best Dressed Competition which I know I wouldn’t win because you know there’s going to be people who go FULL OUT. I’m sure there are people out there who cut there hair and dye it red to look like Ron Weasley just for events like this… I love Harry Potter but I could never cut my hair to look like a character… My hair is like my child.

One last thing that’s super cool about this event, besides everything, is there’s a house sorting. I’m already Hufflepuff all the way so if I got sorted into another house, well f**k that, but it’d probably such a cool experience to actually be sorted into a house in person, right? Or am I just really weird to think that? Oh well!

Hopefully I will be able to go because this is the dream, drinking and Harry Potter? Yaaaaaaaaasssssssss!

Below is a video of a Potter Pub Crawl, not the Harry Potter Pub Crawl I’m talking about but basically the same thing! It looks amazing!


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