Why Maggie Smith aka Professor McGonagall was a boss ass witch in Harry Potter

Maggie Smith aka Professor Minerva McGonagall reading the Daily Prophet behind the scenes of Harry Potter because she’s a boss. [Photo Credit: Harry Potter Forum]

Anyone who has seen the Harry Potter movies as a child were probably terrified Professor McGonagall aka Maggie Smith because she was just a strict old lady, I definitely was! But as I grew up, I realized that that she wasn’t just strict, she was a sassy, bad ass mother trucker. Now, the book Professor McGonagall is badass also but this post is dedicated to the movie Minerva McGonagall. This one’s for you, Maggie Smith!

First, I would like to say how she was the first to say how idiotic, rude, awful, *insert unkind word* people the Dursley’s were. Right from the start when Dumbledore brought Harry to their door step, she did NOT want him to leave them there… Like HELLO DUMBLEDORE are you stupid? Listen to Minerva, she knows more than you, man.

Also, she’s an animagus and can transform herself into a cat… How awesome is that?

Next, let’s just talk about how she straight up told Harry and Ron to get a map on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL to navigate themselves throughout a castle that is centuries old. She gave zero f**ks.

One of my favorite moments of Professor McGonagall was when Snape took over Hogwarts but Harry and the Order of the Phoenix snuck in and McGonagall and Snape had a full on showdown. You could tell, the minute McGonagall came out Snape was SCARED. Who wouldn’t be… Maggie Smith just looks like a badass who you don’t want to mess with. And the fact that she yelled “COWARD” at him made the seem that much more intense. She was so ready to beat his ass to the ground!

Oh my god and the somewhat rivalry between her and stupid Dolores Umbridge… that bitch. Everyone technically had a rivalry with Umbridge but not everyone stood up to her like McGonagall did. When Professor Trelawney got fired from Hogwarts and Umbridge was trying to ban her from the grounds, McGonagall comes in like a freakin’ sassy superhero and sasses the crap out of Umbridge. “There are a several things I would like to say,” GIRL ME TOO!!

And we can’t forget how excited McGonagall got in Deathly Hallows Part 2 when she got to use the spell that brought the statues to life. Mrs. Weasley looked at her like “Why are you so excited, we’re about to go to war?” but McGonagall does not even care. And the fact that she brings up what everyone is thinking, that Seamus is the best at blowing things up. She’s the greatest.

And one last thing that makes Professor McGonagall a boss ass witch is when she got diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t sure if she was going to continue acting because let’s be real, it’s a lot of work. She decided to continue her work and in the middle of the Half-Blood Prince filming, she was going through treatment and had to wear a wig because of the loss of hair. She struggled throughout the rest of the movies but thankfully, she is now cancer free and we couldn’t be more happier! And thankful that she could finish her perfect portrayal of Professor Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter! So many great moments from our great Professor McGonagall and so many more that were not mentioned, thank you, Maggie Smith!


2 thoughts on “Why Maggie Smith aka Professor McGonagall was a boss ass witch in Harry Potter

  1. I agree! She was a very talented witch. Played her part in both wizarding wars. Amazing lady. I think, the work by Maggie Smith is commendable. I was astounded upon learning that she was sick while filming one of the films. Great strength.


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