Death of someone you love and how Harry Potter can relate

Gary Oldman aka Sirius Black and Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. [Photo Credit: Twitter/@PotterWorldUK]
Losing someone is not easy. I would know, I’ve lost many people in my life. More people than you should at twenty-year-olds and I’m sure many people reading this has experience this pain as well. If there’s one thing that people can take away from Harry Potter that doesn’t include magic or wizards, it would be how you can relate to the pain and sense of loss you feel after the death of someone you love.

If you’ve ever lost someone whom you’ve loved, almost immediately and forever, you will want them to come back to you. It’s a given. You wish they weren’t gone, you wish they were still there with you, you wish you could hear their voice and talk to them one last time. Harry Potter never shies away from being about magic but it also never shies away from real topics and in doing so, Harry Potter does what we all wish we could do when we lose someone we love, see them one last time with the Resurrection Stone. It brings forth the beauty in the imagination from J.K. Rowling but also the emotion behind losing someone and wishing so badly to see them one more time. It’s obviously unrealistic to have a Resurrection Stone and be able to bring someone back to see them one last time but to bring to life that thought that we all have is something that Harry Potter captures perfectly and something that anyone who’s lost someone can really relate to.

The Mirror of Erised is another prime example of seeing someone you’ve lost again. In Harry’s example, we get to see his parents because, of course, the one thing that would make him the happiest would be to see his parents again. Makes sense. It’s something we wish for everyday after losing someone. We long and desire to see them again and this is a perfect example of the imagination that comes along with Harry Potter but also the actualization of real life.

A topic that J.K. Rowling told is a death of a child. Seeing Cedric Diggory and Fred Weasley die probably pulled at the heartstrings of MANY people. I’m not a parent but it’s probably the biggest fear as a parent, losing their child. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book about wizards or not, death, especially death of a child, is the hardest to deal with.

After the death of a loved one, never isolate yourself and have people there who love you, care for you, and who will always be there for you. J.K. Rowling made sure to write in characters that are some of the most supportive people out there. There’s times where people feel like no one will understand them. Harry was so angry about the death of Sirius Black for the longest time but yet Hermione and Ron stood by him through his anger and sorrow. It’s situations like that, especially in a series about magic, that makes it worth watching/reading. When real life situations are represented in books or movies, it influences people much more.

When Harry decides that he must sacrifice himself for the good of the wizarding world and go meet Lord Voldemort in the woods, we see Hermione say “I’ll go with you.” A very short but meaningful saying. Although, spoiler, Harry actually doesn’t really die, we all need a friend like Hermione. Someone who’s there for you, someone who will go with you in times like this. She was willing to go with Harry when she thought, at that time, that he was never going to come back and possibly, if she had gone too, she might not have come back either. Basically sacrificing her life for him. Another prime example that Harry Potter isn’t just about magic. It shows these powerful friendships that in times of darkness like deaths, they always show lightness.

And we can’t forget how Harry grew up without his parents. I could not imagine losing either one of my parents let alone both. This is something I’m sure many people can relate to, unfortunately. Just like losing a child, losing a parent is probably the biggest fear a child has (in my opinion) and J.K. Rowling bases this whole series around a boy who loses his parents as a baby. It’s heartbreaking. Just little details like Harry having no place to go for Christmas (until the Weasley’s take him in for holidays), not being able to go to Hogsmeade in the Prisoner of Azkaban because he needs a parent signature, and just missing them immensely at random moments is something I’m sure any child who’s lost a parent can relate to. Maybe not those specific things exactly but the sadness that Harry felt, for sure. But just like in the real world, loving friends and other ways of dealing with a loss can help us face these hard times and that’s what Harry has.

Death is apart of life. It’s the hardest thing for people to deal with but everyone goes through it at some point in their lives, some more than others. There are some books/movies that stay with us forever because of the meaningful and powerful messages portrayed and Harry Potter will forever be one of them. It doesn’t shy away from the magic and mystery we wish to see in a series about wizards but also brings to light the hardship of losing someone you love on top of other topics. We see how characters, especially Harry, deals with a loss of a loved ones in unique ways but also the ways in which us muggles do, friendships and family.


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