SPOILERS: Why Emma Watson Rocked as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” and MORE

Emma Watson as Belle in the live-action film Beauty and the Beast. [Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

Now, before you start saying that this post isn’t about Harry Potter, you’re kind of correct but also not? We all know Emma Watson as our smart ass but bad ass Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series and she is starring in the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie that premiered two nights ago (Thursday, March 16) so this kind of is Harry Potter news, am I right?


I’m a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast and when I first found out Emma Watson was going to be playing Belle, I immediately was enthusiastic about it but apparently other people were not. Now, I’m not quite sure why. A few months ago, a clip from the song “Belle” was released and it showed us a first glimpse of what our new Belle will be sounding like. *Side note: I hope every Harry Potter fan noticed that little similarity from that Belle clip of her talking to monsieur and he loses something but can’t remember what it is and in Harry Potter when Neville gets a remembrall but can’t remember what he forgot (sorry the clip doesn’t have footage, only audio but you get the gist)… hmmm sneaky Disney, very sneaky…* Many people were not pleased with her singing, saying it was very “auto-tuned” and that she can’t sing. I agree that it did sound a little auto-tuned but who knows if she can sing or not? If it’s auto-tuned, we obviously didn’t hear her original voice and if it’s not auto-tuned, I think she sounded great so why you hating? Maybe it’s just because of my love for Emma Watson but I don’t like when people hate on her and I thought she did a fantastic job as Belle.

Side by side photo of Belle from original animated Beauty and the Beast on the left and Anne Hathaway on the right. [Photo Credit: Buzznet]

Yesterday, however, I did see this interesting picture of the original animated Belle and then next to her was a picture of Anne Hathaway and people were saying she should’ve played Belle because at least she can sing. I think Anne Hathaway would’ve been a good choice but I still standby my opinion on Emma Watson. If you know how she is in real life, she basically is Belle. She loves books, she’s kind to everyone, she’s creative, she’s just a unique person. For example, spoiler, in the movie Belle is somewhat of the inventor in her family and invents her own washing machine. She attaches a barrel to a horse, puts her clothes in the barrel, and the horse walks in a circle making the clothes in the barrel spin. I truly think this is something that Emma would think of if we lived in the stone age. I think she brings this modern side of Belle to the screen but still stays true to the side of the original Belle that we all love. Emma, you rocked it girl! And I don’t care if you were auto-tuned or not, you sounded great in my opinion!

Josh Gad as Lefou in the live-action film Beauty and the Beast. [Photo Credit: Disney]

Now, moving on from Emma Watson (I know, this is a Harry Potter blog, what am I thinking?), the thing that was really circling the internet lately was the fact that Lefou was gay in this live-action movie. Everyone was literally flipping their shit because of this. I read an article that one lady was actually blocking everything Disney from her family because they’re trying to force this kind of lifestyle into “our precious children”. I’m sorry, do you mean a lifestyle that should be accepted but for some reason, people have a hard time accepting that two HUMANS can love each other? Because that’s really all it is, they’re humans just like the rest of us and they deserve to love just as much as anyone else. It’s just ridiculous and especially because of what actually occurs in the movie. Don’t worry you crazy people, it’s not like Lefou full on made out with Gaston, although why would that be a problem? Belle is literally falling in love with an animal… Anyways, they’re not flaunting Lefou’s sexuality, it’s not the whole plot of the movie like all of these people are making it seem like it is. He makes little statements (that are actually really funny because let’s be real, Josh Gad is just hilarious every time he speaks) like “I was on Gaston’s side but me and him are having a bit of a rough patch right now” or something like that, it’s very discreet. And **BIG SPOILER** then at the end at the dancing scene, he ends up dancing with a guy. OH MY LAWD CALL THE POLICE, DISNEY JUST COMMITTED A CRIME! Like no, people need to relax. The movie is so interesting in so many ways and brings so many modern topics to the screen. They have many more African-American people, as part of the main cast as well in this, which is great, I don’t think the animated movie had any. It’s really time to move on from those days where we couldn’t accept people for how they looked or who they love. Because Josh Gad really killed it as Lefou and it would be shame if parents missed their children’s chances on going to see this great movie!

Luke Evans as Gaston in the live-action film Beauty and the Beast. [Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios]

But away from these serious topics and back on the movie, let’s just talk about Luke Evans. He was the PERFECT Gaston. First off, he’s an absolute babe and his smile actually kills me inside. And he’s no stranger to playing a bad guy since he played Shaw in Furious 6 and I got to say, I honestly didn’t recognize him when I saw him in the trailer for Beauty and the Beast because he’s a true bad guy in Furious 6. For some reason, I can’t help but like him a little bit in this movie when he tries to win Belle over but then he gets all gross and possessive and crazy and then I see the real Shaw in him. But his appearance was perfect for Gaston and he acted on point, I don’t think they could’ve casted a better person for Gaston.

Lumiere and Cogsworth in the live-action film Beauty and the Beast. [Photo Credit: Mirror UK]

There’s so much more I could talk about in this movie but I wouldn’t want to ruin it for everyone. I would, however, like to say how funny it is. I didn’t expect myself to laugh so much whether it was at Lefou’s witty remarks, Cogsworth and Lumiere’s bickering, or all of the acting from the rest of the servants turned furniture, it was truly hilarious at times. They also added a lot more background stories for Belle and some of the servants as to who they were before they became furniture. So basically, Disney answer all of the questions we had from the original (which is amazing of course) and put them in this movie. If you aren’t planning to go see Beauty and the Beast, I highly recommend you change your mind and if you are planning to go see it, you are a smart cat.


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