Is it okay to be obsessed with Harry Potter? Yes, yes it is.

(From left to right) Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley, Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter, and Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger. [Photo Credit: The Odyssey Online]

To all those people who are obsessed with Harry Potter, who can watch all eight movies in a row, who buy Harry Potter props and replicas but don’t use them for anything, who’s friends make jokes about your obsession… You are not alone. It is understandable to be obsessed with Harry Potter, don’t let anyone tell you different.

First off, I’d like to say this obsession isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle.

Now I’m not talking about if you like Harry Potter, you’ve seen all the movies once, twice, maybe three times. If you know Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, and Snape’s name. If you know what Hogwarts is. I’m talking about those who have a Harry Potter weekend twice every month. Those who have wand replicas but don’t use them, they just have them because they’re freaking awesome. Those who don’t just know who Hermione is (you’d have to be an idiot if you don’t), but know who Marietta Edgecomb is. Those who don’t just know what a werewolf is, but know what a Blast-Ended Skrewt is and kind of like them?

Fans dress up as characters from Harry Potter. [Photo Credit: For the Love of Harry]

If you can’t go a day without talking in-depth about Harry Potter, you’re obsessed. But it’s okay and here’s why.

Harry Potter isn’t some stupid movie or book series that has no meaning or lessons to be learned. We’ve learned about losing a son or family member, we’ve learned and saw what it is like to grow up without parents, we’ve learned what sacrifice is, we’ve learned how strong the bond of friendship and love can truly be. A lot of movies, let’s say romance movies, they just teach you that you can’t live without your significant other. Okay cool, we’ve seen a ton of movies like that but in Harry Potter, there are love connections but the series is much, much more than that.

We’ve seen, time after time after time, deaths occur out of nowhere in Harry Potter. That’s a lesson that we learn, what it is like to lose someone but then we also learn how to move on. It’s possibly the hardest thing to do once losing someone you love. We see Harry move on after Sirius’s death, Dumbledore’s death, and most importantly, the death of his parents. Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting. That’s something I’ve learned. After so much loss, he finds a way to go on living his life and surviving but still never forgets who they are and what they’ve done for him. It’s a lesson that so little movies can teach a person.

Richard Harris aka Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. [Photo Credit: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie]

One of the biggest things in Harry Potter that sets it apart from a lot of movies is that love is basically a spell. It is the reason why Harry is alive, it is the reason why so many people fight against Voldemort. Without love, we’d have nothing. Voldemort was conceived under a love-potion meaning he could never love and the fact that he dies in the end just shows us that love is one of the most powerful things a person can have. So many other lessons that this series teaches us and other series will never be able to. And JK Rowling did it in an unusual way, bringing together life and magic. You would think that books and movies about magic would just be about who can defeat who but who would’ve thought that this series about magic would teach us so much more than who has the better wand.

This series also teaches us about imagination. When I was five, I saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time. My five-year-old self couldn’t contain the joy and excitement that came from that movie. There’s so much magic in this series (dur, it’s about wizards) and even watching the movies, you need to have imagination to not only enjoy the movie but also to continue your love for it afterwards. In the movie Sorcerer’s Stone, we finally see the wizarding world that JK Rowling created in book, on screen. For those who’ve read the books before watching the series (not me, and I regret it), this gives you the ultimate chance for imagination. If you can’t imagine what creatures or what spells are occurring, you’re never going to enjoy the book. If you read before watching, it gives you the chance to imagine how the characters will look like and then when you watch the movies, you get to see if your imagination was correct.

Daniel Radcliffe himself said it’s okay to be obsessed with a book or movies series. It’s better than being obsessed with heroine, that’s for sure!

And let’s just talk about the plot twists that occur in the series. My mind is still blown from half of them. Spoilers ahead but when Snape turned out to be good, I was honestly stunned. The whole series we’re trying to figure out if he’s actually good or not. After he killed Dumbledore in the Half-Blood Prince, I immediately hated him but then in Deathly Hallows Part 2 (I’m mentioning the movies because I’ve seen all the movies before the books so I’m using my reactions to the movies) when we find out he’s good and the reasoning behind everything he did, I was SHOCKED. Maybe I’m just dumb but I did not catch any of that, I did not think of any of that in previous movies. I was secretly hoping he was good though. And let’s not forget the twist where Sirius didn’t kill James and Lily but it was actually Peter Pettigrew and Sirius was after him, not Harry, who was Ron’s rat. It actually took me forever to realize that Sirius was never actually after Harry but wow! That’s some great twists. And this isn’t a twist but thinking of Prisoner of Azkaban, I can’t help but think of Remus Lupin’s speech in the book when he talks about his childhood (click link and scroll down to “Discovered in Book 3, Chapter 18, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs). Who knew that the Shrieking Shack isn’t actually haunted!? Great, great twists and background stories.

JK Rowling reading the book that started it all, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. [Photo Credit: Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla]

JK Rowling created this world where love, magic, adventure, and excitement come together. It’s taught us lessons in a way that can never be reiterated. It’s given us hope, dreams, and it’s a place where my twenty-year-old self can go back and read or watch and I immediately turn into a five-year-old again with the same amount of imagination I had when I first experienced the series. If you love this series as much as I do, if it “gives you meaning” like Daniel Radcliffe says, then what’s the problem of being obsessed? There’s imagination, wonder, hope, love, action, adventure, twists, fear, everything you need in a great movie or book series, how can you not be obsessed?


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