This is not a joke: Hogwarts is real!

Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, the host of Bothwell School of Witchcraft. [Photo credit: Anna Moskvina/Getty Images]


Alright Harry Potter fans, the days of waiting for our Hogwarts letters may finally come to an end! A real-life Hogwarts will be opening up for three days and you can experience everything you love about Harry Potter from the houses, to the magic, to the creatures. The school will be named Bothwell School of Witchcraft.

Try to contain your excitement!

There will be a fifteenth century castle, the Hermsmonceux Castle to be exact, being reopened to be the home to this event in East Sussex. It might not be the real Hogwarts but let’s be real, if we can have the amount of imagination we have when we read Harry Potter, imagining a fifteenth century castle as Hogwarts should be no problem at all!

Now, this sadly won’t be a full time occasion but who cares, at least it’s happening, right?! The best three days of any Harry Potter fans lives will be August 11-13 so it’s basically going to make your summer twenty times better.

Guests dress up as wizards and study magic at Bothwell School of Witchcraft. [Photo Credit: Bothwell School of Witchcraft]

During those three days, you will literally be able to experience all that the wizards got to experience and learn while at Hogwarts. You’ll be learning spells, be sorting into your houses (I’d hoped to be in Hufflepuff, fingers crossed), and see all types of creatures! The cool thing is, depending on what house you get sorted into, they will be providing your gowns so really you just have to bring your wand! And if you don’t have a wand, you better get one because you wouldn’t want people thinking you’re a squib now would you? (Those who’ve read the books will understand that, I’m not insane, a squib is a real thing. LOOK IT UP.)

Sad side note, sorry to all the youngins that want to go but this is only for people who are eighteen and older. Which is weird because you’re accepted into Hogwarts when you turn eleven, am I right? Whatever, I’m twenty so I’m not complaining!

So, how freakin’ cool is this! Finally, someone has answered our jokes (but not so much jokes) about still not receiving our Hogwarts letters. THANK YOU EAST SUSSEX. I hope whoever goes to this gets the best magical learning experience! Although Harry, Hermione, Ron, our favorite twins Fred and George, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, etc. won’t be there, maybe you’ll have to fight off the Dark Lord and become one of the most famous wizards ever. Cause that could happen… Yeah… It could…


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